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Table 3 Generic visions - elements for spatial categories

From: Spatial dimensions of sustainable energy systems: new visions for integrated spatial and energy planning

Urban centre Suburban area Small town/rural centre Rural area
Basic function Goal Basic function Goal Basic function Goal Basic function Goal
Living space for majority of people Highest quality of living Spatial reserve for urban centre Highest logistic efficiency for people and goods Attractive living space for de-centralised industrial society High quality of living Sufficient population density for primary production and sustenance Basic provision of:
  Sufficient leisure time opportunities     Excellent leisure time opportunities      Goods (daily consumption)
  High environmental quality   High environmental quality   Highest environmental quality      Education (primary level)
           Social services
           Cultural services
  Comprehensive provision of:   Basic provision of:   Advanced provision of: Recreational space Highest environmental quality
     Goods      Goods (daily consumption)      Goods   
     Education (up to tertiary level)      Education (primary level)      Education (up to secondary level)   
     Social services (health/care)      Social services      Social services (health/care)l      Sufficient touristic infrastructure
     Cultural services      Cultural services      Cultural services   
  Research     Research   
Main energy/resource consumer Highest efficiency of use   Highest utilisation efficiency Resource conversion Lowest pressure in resource conversion/utilisation Sustainable resource provision Highest efficiency in space utilisation
  Lowest pressure in energy provision/utilisation   Lowest pressure in energy provision/utilisation     Max. long-term yield per area
  Lowest resource consumption   Lowest resource consumption   Highest conversion efficiency   Stable eco systems
Provider of complex (industrial) goods and services Highest resource conversion efficiency Space reserve for provision of complex goods Highest resource conversion efficiency   Linking the distribution grids   Highest logistical efficiency for renewable resources and by-products of conversion processes
  Strong societal interaction Provision of fresh goods for urban centre Highest efficiency in space utilisation     
  International interconnectedness   Maximum long-term yield per area     No resource import