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Table 3 Application of the integrated concept of sustainable development in the grassland project: selection of relevant principles and indicators

From: Sustainability assessment of energy technologies: towards an integrative framework

Substantial principles of sustainability (see Table 1) Sustainability
Protection of human health Emissions of particulate matter
  Emissions of NO x
  Emissions of CO
  Emissions of substances producing summer smog
  Emissions of fungal spores
Autonomous self-support Agricultural employment
  Income opportunities for farmers
Just distribution of chances for using natural resources Emissions of greenhouse gases
Sustainable use of renewable resources Preservation of biodiversity
  Conservation of soil
  Protection of ground and surface water
Sustainable use of non-renewable resources Substitution of non-renewable resources
Sustainable use of the environment as a sink Greenhouse gas reduction costs
  Emissions affecting eutrophication
  Emissions affecting acidification
Conservation of nature's cultural functions Alteration of nature's cultural landscape