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Table 1 List of symbols

From: Development of a pellet boiler with Stirling engine for m-CHP domestic application

q' Heat transfer per unit length (W/m)
D Inside diameter (m)
κ Thermal conductivity [W/(K m)]
T Temperature (K)
ρ Density (kg/m3)
μ Dynamic viscosity (Pa s)
P Mean average gas pressure (Pa)
V S Swept volume - expansion space (m3)
F Engine cycle frequency (Hz)
V Nominal Displacement (m3)
W o Power output of the engine (W)
f Friction factor
Mass flow (kg/s)
Nu Nusselt number
Pr Prandtl number
Re Reynolds number
N S Entropy generation number
gen Entropy generation per unit length [W/(K m)]
B 0 Fluid flow duty parameter
V E Volume of expansion (m3)
V C Volume of compression (m3)