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Table 2 Consumption of food by product categories in the baseline situation and the scenarios

From: Impact of changes in diet on the availability of land, energy demand, and greenhouse gas emissions of agriculture

  Baseline situation Scenario situation
Product categories [kg/per capita/annum]
Meat 56.8 23.4
Eggs 11.8 9.5
Milk and milk productsa 257.0 279.9
Fish 9.8 0.4
Cereals/rice/potatoes 114.6 129.7
Fruits 58.6 91.3
Vegetables 89.6 146.0
Vegetable oils 9.7 6.8
Sugar 33.0 18.3
  1. aRaw milk equivalent; The data are based on the authors' own calculation which is based on the study of Zessner et al.[48].