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Table 3 BTL developments using PEF gasifiers

From: The bioliq® bioslurry gasification process for the production of biosynfuels, organic chemicals, and energy

Company/country Gasifier feed Gasification conditions Biomass pretreatment
Schwarze Pumpe/Germany [2933] Diverse liquids, slurries from waste and lignite 26 bar, 1,200°C to 1,600°C, GSP-type, 130 MW(th) Diverse lignite, organic waste
Choren/Germany [5, 91, 92] Hot pyrolysis vapors, char powder for chemical quench 4 to 5 bar, > 1,400°C, char quench to 900°C Auto-thermal pyrolysis on-site at gasifier pressure
Chemrec/Sweden [93, 94] Concentrated black liquor ca. 40 bar, ca. 950°C Integrated into the on-site pulp mill
KIT, bioliq/Germany [1827] Any bioslurry or paste from biooil plus char up to 80 bar, ca. 1,200°C FP at 500°C on- or off-site; any type of biomass liquefaction
ECN/The Netherlands
[95, 96]
Pulverized char from torrefaction ca. 40 bar, ca. 1,200°C Torrefaction (≤ 300°C pyrolysis on- or off-site)
BioTFueL/France Pulverized char from torrefaction Uhde Prenflow™ gasifier, 15 MW(th) Torrefaction
  1. KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; GSP, Gaskombinat Schwarze Pumpe; FP, fast pyrolysis.