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Table 8 Results of kitchen performance test at two households

From: Development of a fuel efficient cookstove through a participatory bottom-up approach

Household Operation conditions Average
daily wood
Ambabai Kisan Gawanda Normal cookstove 5.81
  Cookstove with TTs 4.56
Tukibai Dhavlya Gawanda Normal cookstove 5.78
  Cookstove with TTs 4.39
Gulab Chander Bhagat Normal cookstove 7.25
  Cookstove with TTs 5.56
Hirabai Govinda Gawanda Normal cookstove 7.22
  Cookstove with TTs 5.89
Shevanta Dehu Bangare Normal cookstove 9.08
  Cookstove with TTs 7.43
Bhimabai Kalu Warghade Normal cookstove 9.39
  Cookstove with TTs 7.38