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Table 3 JEDI output: wind plant - project data summary

From: Socioeconomic impacts of wind farm development: a case study of Weatherford, Oklahoma

Project location Custer County
Project size (MW) 147
Turbine size (kW) 1500
Number of Turbines 98
Construction cost (US$/kW) 1,600
Annual direct O&M cost (US$/kW) 15.50
Project construction cost (US$) 235,200,000
Local spending 27,501,131
Total annual operational expenses (US$) 38,710,980
Direct operating and maintenance costs 2,278,500
Local spending 1,733,354
Other annual costs 36,432,480
Local spending 1,058,400
Debt and equity payments 0
Property taxes 666,400
Land lease 392,000