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Table 1 Characteristics of the interviewed households

From: Electricity blackouts and hybrid systems of provision: users and the ‘reflective practice’

Household Interviewees Age group (years) Other resident(s) House type Type of heating system
1 Couple 55-65 Older son (occasionally) Detached house Direct electricity and retaining oven
2 Woman 50 Sister and mother Aged wooden house Direct electricity and three tiled stoves
3 Man 40 - One-storied detached house Wood chip boiler
4 Couple 50-60 Two sons Aged wooden house Log wood boiler and retaining oven
5 Woman 40 Man (both only occasionally) Detached house Oil boiler and retaining oven
6 Man 50 Woman and two children Detached house Direct electricity with retaining floor (heated during the night)