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Table 7 GTAP regions and their members

From: The role of irrigation in determining the global land use impacts of biofuels

Region Description Corresponding countries in GTAP
USA United States of America usa
EU27 European Union 27 aut, bel, bgr, cyp, cze, deu, dnk, esp, est, fin, fra, gbr, grc, hun, irl, ita, ltu, lux, lva, mlt, nld, pol, prt, rom, svk, svn, swe
Brazil Brazil bra
Canada Canada can
Japan Japan jpn
China China and Hong Kong chn, hkg
India India ind
Central America Central and Caribbean Americas mex, xna, xca, xfa, xcb
South America South and other Americas col, per, ven, xap, arg, chl, ury, xsm
East Asia East Asia kor, twn, xea
Malaysia-Indonesia Malaysia and Indonesia ind, mys
Rest of Southeast Asia Rest of South East Asia phl, sgp, tha, vnm, xse
Rest of South Asia Rest of South Asia bgd, lka, pak, xsa
Russia Russia rus
E-Europe-RFSU Other East Europe and rest of former Soviet Union xer, alb, hrv, xsu, tur
Other European regions Rest of European countries che, xef
M-East-N-Africa Middle Eastern and North Africa xme, mar, tun, xnf
Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa bwa, zaf, xsc, mwi, moz, tza, zmb, zwe, xsd, mdg, uga, xss
Oceania Oceania countries aus, nzl, xoc