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Table 1 Evaluation of social effects in selected certification scheme sources (compiled by the authors)

From: Social sustainability in certification schemes for biofuel production: an explorative analysis against the background of land use constraints in Brazil

Certification schemes RSB ISCC Bonsucro
Compliance with labour laws Yes Yes Yes
Land rights Yes Yes Yes
Forced labour Yes Yes Yes
Child labour Yes Yes Yes
Worker health and safety Yes Yes Yes
Discrimination Yes Yes Yes
Minimum wages Yes Yes Yes
Freedom of association and collective bargaining Yes Yes Yes
Legal contract situation Yes Yes Yes
Consultation with local community Yes Yes -
No contested land Yes Yes -
Adaptation for small holder certification Yes Yes -
Indigenous people Yes - -
Social Impact Assessment Yes Yes -
Food security Yesa Yesa -
International treaties on land Yes Yes Yes
Rural unemployment Yes - -
  1. aRefers to local food security.