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Table 10 Primary and secondary inputs needed for the wind farm procedure

From: Design of local roadway infrastructure to service sustainable energy facilities

Primary inputs Description Secondary inputs Description
Number of wind turbines To transfer each wind turbine, a certain number of trucks are required, which typically use the same transfer routes. In the case that several turbines are transferred by different routes, each route should be designed for the number of turbines that will be moved across. Tire contact area Different tires have different contact areas. This value could be obtained from the manufacturer. The load and internal pressure are factors that affect and are affected by these values. If this value is unknown, 1,935 cm2 is recommended as default.
California bearing ratio (CBR) This value reflects the strength of the underlying soil. To get the exact value, soil bores are needed to be drilled in the construction location. However, the value can be closely estimated by knowing the type of soil in the area. Highway supervisors can resort to previous experience or soil maps to determine the soil type in the proximity.