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Table 1 Clone sequences of fungal 18S rRNA gene and ITS1 region fragments from BP1 and BP2

From: Fungi open new possibilities for anaerobic fermentation of organic residues

Phylum Subphylum/class Clone Sequence related to Identity (% cpa) Accession number
Fungal 18S rRNA gene sequence
Ascomycota Saccharomycotina Euk 06 pD Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain YJM789 99 JQ277730
Euk 1-4 pJ S. cerevisiae strain YJM789 99 JQ277730
Basidiomycota Pucciniomycotina Euk 12 pD Uncultured Pucciniomycotina clone D0735_42_M 99 EU647044
Agaricomycotina Euk 21 pD Sclerotium sp. BSC-97 99 AF010303
Incertae sedis Mucoromycotina Euk 2-8 pJ Mucor circinelloides f. circinelloides strain WA0000017591 99 HM641689
Euk 57 pD Rhizomucor endophyticus strain CBS 385.95 99 HM623313
Fungal ITS1 region sequence
Ascomycota Pezizomycotina K01 Hypocreales sp. Vega851 96 EF694655
K27 Hypocrea sp. KBS0814F 98 JQ437611
K38 Cladosporium sp. AF13 99 JX173100
K39 Aspergillus fumigatus strain ATCC 1022 99 HQ026746
K58 Pleosporales sp. 5 TMS-2011 89 HQ631052
K91 Cladosporium sp. F0910-49U4 99 HG008746
Basidiomycota Agaricomycotina K21 Basidiomycota sp. 54 OA-2013 95 JX507646
K24 Wallemia sp. F53 97 FJ755832
K31 Mrakia sp. CBS 8907 99 AY038836
K79 Guehomyces pullulans isolate ANT03-093 99 JX171177
K87 Mrakia sp. CBS 8907 99 AY038836
K83 Mrakia sp. CBS 8907 99 AY038836
Neocallimastigomycota Neocallimastigomycetes (class) K76 Uncultured Neocallimastigales clone 238S18 98 KC431216
K81 Uncultured Neocallimastigales clone 8SC4cg07 90 GU909951
Unclassified Unclassified K73 Uncultured soil fungus clone C152 97 JX489840
  1. Corresponding sequences were retrieved from the NCBI database by the nucleotide BLAST algorithm. Accession numbers: fungal ITS1 region sequences, KF977129-KF977143; fungal 18S rRNA gene sequences, JF421674-JF421678, JF421681s.