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Table 1 Composition of the process stream fed to the distillation column

From: Simulation of the downstream processing in the ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass with ASPEN Plus® and IPSEpro

Component Mass fraction (wt%) ASPEN Plus® simulation
Formula Type Component name
Water 80.35% H2O Conv Water
Ethanol 4.007% C2H6O Conv Ethanol
Acetic acid 0.63% C2H4O2 Conv Acetic-acid
Furfural 0.30% C5H4O2 Conv Furfural
Glycerol 0.085% C3H8O3 Conv Glycerol
CO2 0.078% CO2 Conv Carbon-dioxide
Cellulose 0.575% C6H10O5 Solid Glucan
Hemi-cellulose 0.27% C5H8O4 Solid Xylan
Lignin 4.15% C x H x O x Solid Lignin
C5-monosaccharides 4.66% C5H10O5 Conv d-xylose
C6-monosaccharides 0.00% C6H12O6 Conv Dextrose
Yeast 0.56% CH x N x O x S x Solid Biomass
Enzymes 0.18% CH x O x N x Conv Zymo
Ash 1.385% SIO2 Solid Silicon dioxide
Extractives 1.85% C18H32O2 Conv Linoleic acid
Plant protein 0.92% C5H9NO4 Conv l-glutamic acid
Sum 100% H2O Conv Water