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Table 1 Already developed processes for fixed bed and fluidized methanation

From: Methanation of CO2 - storage of renewable energy in a gas distribution system

Process number Process/company Reactor type Process stages Operation range Feed
p(bar) T(°C)
(a) TREMP/Haldor Topsøe Fixed bed 3 30 300…700 Coal, petrol coke, biomass
(b) Hicom/British Gas Corp. Fixed bed 4 25…70 230…640 Coal
(c) RMP/Ralph M. Parson Co. Fixed bed 4…6 1…70 315…780 Coal, heavy fuel
(d) SuperMeth, ConoMeth/Conoco Fixed bed 4/4 Approximately 80 n. s. Coal
(e) CRG/British Gas Corp. Fixed bed 2 Approximately 25 300 Naphtha (refinery residue)
(f) Hygas/Institute of Gas Technology Fixed bed 2 70 280…480 Coal
(g) Lurgi, Sasol/Lurgi GmbH Fixed bed 2 18 Approximately 450 Coal
(h) ICI, Koppers/Imperial Chemical Industries Fixed bed 3   400…700 Coal
(i) Linde/Linde AG Fixed bed 2 n. s. n. s. Coal
(j) Bi-Gas/Bituminous Coal Res. Inc Fluidized bed 1 86 n. s. Coal
(k) Bureau of Mines/US department of the Interior Fluidized bed   20 200…400  
(l) Comflux/Thysengas GmbH Fluidized bed 1 20…60 400…500 Coal (biomass)