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Table 10 Strongest parameter contributions to variance of WSFP and GWP100 results

From: Uncertainty analysis of the environmental sustainability of biofuels

Flow Process CTV (%) Stage Product
Husked nuts harvesting, at farm 26.72 x Natgas
Palm fruit bunches, at farm 25.81 x Natgas
Rape seed IP, at farm 9.31 x Biogas
Protein peas, IP, at farm 8.99 x Biogas
Soy beans IP, at farm 8.97 x Biogas
Potatoes IP, at farm 6.61 x Biogas
Potato seed IP, at farm 6.52 x Biogas
Sugarcane, at farm 3.03 x Biogas
Blue water consumption in CH Rape seed extensive, at farm 0.50 B Biogas
Maize seed organic, at farm 0.35 x Biogas
Flow   CTV (%) Stage Product
Biogas, from biowaste, at storage 0.38 x Biogas
Biogas, from sewage sludge, at storage 0.37 x Biogas
Methane, 96 vol-%, from biogas, at purification 0.36 x Biogas
Methane, 96 vol-%, from biogas, high pressure, at consumer 0.35 x Biogas
Disposal, municipal solid waste 0.35 x Biogas
Methane, 96 vol-%, from biogas, production mix, at service station 0.34 x Biogas
Natural gas, burned in boiler atm low-NOx condensing non-modulating <100 kW 0.33 x Biogas
Electricity, at cogen with biogas 0.32 x Biogas
Crude oil, at production onshore 0.32 x Natgas
Disposal, plastics, mixture, 15.3 % water 0.32 x Biogas