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Table 1 List of the core demands in the conflict field of German transmission grid extension

From: Protests against German electricity grid extension as a new social movement? A journey into the areas of conflict

Demand Number of documents Number of different actors
Use of underground cable sections in a specific areas (1) 71 42
General demand for participation in planning processes (2) 47 37
Reserving grid extension for RET, not for coal plants or power treading (3) 34 22
Use of new technologies to reduce the need for power lines or mitigate their negative effects (4) 28 21
Fundamental opposition to the construction of a certain planned power line (5) 24 16
Improvement of the transparency of the planning procedures (6) 37 31
Opposition to power routes crossing nature preservation areas (7) 37 32
Use of HVDC underground cable instead of HVAC overhead lines (8) 28 22
Opposition to the construction of power lines if health protection cannot be guaranteed (9) 37 26
Cost calculations (the aspects of national economy should be ranked higher than short time profitability) (10) 28 22
  1. Source: own. If there are two (or more) similar documents (same demand, same actor, similar release time), only one was considered for Table 1