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Table 4 Characteristics of the protests against the EnLAG

From: Protests against German electricity grid extension as a new social movement? A journey into the areas of conflict

Project (EnLAG number) Action resources/Regional expansion Important actors (in addition to citizens’ initiatives) Action orientation/Level of deviation from status quo Com-promise likely or viable? Relevant Strategic action field (in addition to the route-level SAF)
Kassoe—Dollern (1) Local Parents’ organizations, local parties, town council of Quickborn Moderate Yes -
Ganderkesee—Wehrendorf (2) Regional Oldenburg district council, municipal councils Moderate Yes Regional state level
Federal level
Neuenhagen—Bertikow/Vierraden—Krajnik (PL) (3) Regional Barnin district council, town councils of Angermünde and Eberswalde, municipal councils, local parties, nature conservation organizations Moderate No Regional state level
Lauchstädt—Redwitz (4) Entire route Town council of Großenbreitenbach, municipal councils, Petra Enders (mayor of Großenbreitenbach), economist Lorenz Jarass Maximum No Federal level
Wahle—Mecklar (6) Entire route Schwalm-Eder-Kreis district council, Nordheim district council, local organizations of conservative party, 13 municipal councils High No Federal level