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Table 7 ARDL model long-run diagnostic test

From: Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly environment (R-E5) in Nigeria

S/number Diagnostic tests LM test F test
A Serial correlation CHSQ(2) 0.5264 (0.3468) 1.2272 (0.3685)
B Functional form CHSQ(1) 0.0771 (0.7813) 0.1286 (0.9019)
C Normality CHSQ(1) 0.8131 (0.6659) Not applicable
D Heteroskedasticity CHSQ(1) 2.6023 (0.1193) 2.5455 (0.1106)
  1. A represents the Lagrange multiplier test of residual serial correlation, B the Ramsey’s RESET test using the square of the fitted values, C based on a test of skewness and kurtosis of residuals, and D based on the regression of squared residuals on squared fitted values