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Table 7 Explanation of abbreviations of influences for the case study and source of data

From: Uncertainty analysis using Bayesian Model Averaging: a case study of input variables to energy models and inference to associated uncertainties of energy scenarios

Abbreviation Influence Unit Source
GN_Price Average German import price [US dollars per million BTU] [21]
INDPROD Production of total industry in Germany “DEUPRODINDAISMEI” seasonally adjusted Index 2010 = 100 [49]
DEPL Adjusted savings: energy depletiona [current billion US$] [50]
TRA Road sector energy consumption [% of total energy consumption] [50]
RENEW Combustible renewables and waste [% of total energy] [50]
ELC Electric power consumption [1000 kWh per capita] [50]
GASELC Electricity production from natural gas sources [% of total] [50]
OILELC Electricity production from oil sources [% of total] [50]
IMPTOT Energy imports, net [% of energy use] [50]
NRGPROD Energy production [10,000 kt of oil equivalent] [50]
GDP GDP [constant 2005 US$ 10E^12] [50]
INDVAL Industry, value added [% of GDP] [50]
NGRENT Natural gas rents: difference between the value of natural gas production at world prices and total costs of production. [‰ of GDP] [50]
OILRENT Oil rents [‰ of GDP] [50]
USCONNG US Natural Gas Consumption [10^12 CUBIC FEET] [51]
WTI_PRICE Spot Oil Price West Texas Intermediate [U.S.Dollars per Barrel] [51]
CRUDE_PRICE Oil: Crude oil prices 1861—2012_$2012 [U.S. Dollar 2012] [52]
IMP_DE Natural Gas Imports GERMANY [EJ=10^18] [53]
HDD Heating degree days by region NUTS-2-Regionen–Karlsruhe (nrg_esdgr_a) [jährliche Daten] [54]
  1. aEnergy depletion is the ratio of the value of the stock of energy resources to the remaining reserve lifetime (capped at 25 years). It covers coal, crude oil and natural gas