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Table 1 Estimated household counts and expenditure per quintile

From: Assessment of potential local and regional induced economic impact of an energy policy change in rural Northwestern Ontario

Scenario Households Lowest quintile Second quintile Third quintile Forth quintile Highest quintile Total
Coal Expenditure $29K $46K $64K $88K $148K  
  Counts 299 349 224 193 180 1245
  Total expenditure $8.7M $15.9M $14.4M $17.0M $26.7M $82.7M
Shutdown Expenditure $29K $46K $64K $88K $148K  
  Counts 299 319 204 128 165 1115
  Total expenditure $8.7M $14.5M $13.1M $11.3M $24.5M $72.1M
Biomass Expenditure $29K $46K $64K $88K $148K  
  Counts 299 394 224 183 180 1280
  Total expenditure $8.7M $18.0M $14.4M $16.2M $26.7M $83.9M
  1. Household expenditure expressed in thousands of dollars (K = 1000) and total household expenditure expressed in millions of dollars (M = 1,000,000)
  2. NOTE: Source file included separately