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Table 1 Goals of green demonstration home projects

From: Assessing the societal impacts of green demonstration homes: a Canadian case study

Name of house Goal
Educate and raise awareness generally Show that green changes can be easily incorporated into an existing home Demonstrate designs or products to the public Test designs or products Research to advance frontiers in the practice of green home building Facilitate further adoption of green home building
ACTEW Energy Efficient Demonstration Home (Canberra, Australia) [29] Yes    Yes   
Afresh Home (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) [30] Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Archetype Sustainable House (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada) [31] Yes      Yes
Cherokee Mainstream Greenhome (Raleigh, NC, USA) [32]   Yes     
Christchurch Energy Efficiency Show Home (Christchurch, New Zealand) [24] Yes      
CMHC—EQuilibrium Homes (15 total, various provinces, Canada) [33] Yes     Yes Yes
Desert House (Phoenix, AZ, USA) [2] Yes Yes Yes    
Durham Eco-House (Durham Region, Ontario, Canada) [34] Yes Yes     Yes
Environmental Showcase Home (Phoenix, AZ, USA) [35] Yes Yes Yes    Yes
Florida House Learning Center (Sarasota, FL, USA) [23, 36] Yes Yes     Yes
Seabird Island First Nation Sustainable Housing Demonstration Project (Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada) [37] Yes      Yes
Sharland Oasis (Hamlyn Heights, Australia) [38] Yes Yes Yes    
Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home (Subiaco, Western Australia) [39] Yes Yes Yes    Yes
The Utah House (Kaysville, UT, USA) [7, 40] Yes      
Waitakere Eco-friendly Home (Auckland, New Zealand) [4, 41] Yes Yes     
  14/15 9/15 4/15 2/15 2/15 7/15
93 % 60 % 27 % 13 % 13 % 47 %