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Table 2 The assessment categories in which GDHs have collected information

From: Assessing the societal impacts of green demonstration homes: a Canadian case study

Name of house Technology performance Educational programme performance Visitors’ numbers and other demographic information Attitude and value change Behaviour change
ACTEW Energy Efficient Demonstration Home (Canberra, Australia) [29] Yes     
Afresh Home (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) [30] Yes Yes Yes   
Archetype Sustainable House (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada) [31]      
Cherokee Mainstream Greenhome (Raleigh, NC, USA) [32]      
Christchurch Energy Efficiency Show Home (Christchurch, New Zealand) [24]    Yes   Yes
CMHC - EQuilibrium Homes (15 total, various provinces, Canada) [33] Yes   Yes   
Desert House (Phoenix, AZ, USA) [2] Yes   Yes   
Durham Eco-House (Durham Region, Ontario, Canada) [34] Yes   Yes   
Environmental Showcase Home (Phoenix, AZ, USA) [35]    Yes   
Florida House Learning Center (Sarasota, FL, USA) [23, 36] Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Seabird Island First Nation Sustainable Housing Demonstration Project (Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada) [37]      
Sharland Oasis (Hamlyn Heights, Australia) [38] Yes     
Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home (Subiaco, Western Australia) [39] Yes Yes Yes Yes  
The Utah House (Kaysville, UT, USA) [7, 40]   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waitakere NOW home (New Lynn, New Zealand) [4, 41]    Yes   
  8/15 4/15 10/15 3/15 2/15
53 % 27 % 67 % 20 % 13 %