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Table 2 Parameters of system components

From: An integrated ecosystem incorporating renewable energy leading to pollution reduction for sustainable development of craft villages in rural area: a case study at sedge mats village in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Items Description
Biogas recovery system Number of pigs: 45, volume of biogas tank (material: composite): 14 m3, the biogas recovered is used for cooking at dyeing pan and other living activities (at kitchen).
Wastewater treatment plant Total volume of wastewater treatment plant (compacted as a block): 10 m3, having 4 compartments (anaerobic combined with filter), wastewater treatment loading capacity (accordance with BOD5): 1.087 kg/day. Volume of water hyacinth pond: 80 m3 which corresponds to wastewater treatment loading capacity (accordance with BOD5): 7.35 kg/day.
Composting system/tank Composting area is 4 m2, materials: 100 kg pieces of sedge + 1 kg Trichoderma (bio-product), incubated for 30 days, the moisture of 50-55 % is kept by watering with wastewater flow after biogas tank, and the temperature during composting process is kept by covering the tank surface.