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Table 1 The reduced version of the ESS transparency checklist to be used as an additional table of contents

From: Raising awareness in model-based energy scenario studies—a transparency checklist

Criterion Page number
General information
 1. Author, institution  
 2. Aim and funding  
 3. Key term definitions  
Empirical data
 4. Sources  
 5. Pre-processing  
 6. Identification of uncertain factors  
 7. Uncertainty consideration  
 8. Storyline construction  
 9. Assumptions for data modification  
Model exercise
 10. Model fact sheet  
 11. Model specific properties  
 12. Model interaction  
 13. Model documentation  
 14. Output data access  
 15. Model validation  
 16. Post-processing  
 17. Sensitivity analyses  
 18. Robustness analyses  
Conclusions and recommendations
 19. Results-recommendation relationship  
 20. Uncertainty communication