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Table 1 Timeline of Uganda’s electricity sector reforms

From: Electricity peak demand in Uganda: insights and foresight

Dates Reforms
June 1999 Government approves the power sector restructuring and privatization strategy
November 1999 The new electricity Act is passed
April 2000 The Electricity Regulatory Authority becomes operational
March 2001 The Uganda Electricity Board is unbundled and three companies created and registered namely: UEGCL, UETCL, and UEDCL
May 2001 Concessions for generation and distribution are advertised
November 2002 Concession for generation awarded to Eskom Enterprises
February 2003 Appointment of the Rural Electrification Board to oversee the Rural Electrification Trust Fund (RETF)
2005 UMEME awarded concessionaire to operate for 20 years to purchase electricity in bulk from UETCL and distribute it along low voltage electricity lines to individual customers
  1. Source: Karekezi et al ([21])