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Table 6 Indicators for the instrumental sustainability rules

From: Indicator system for the sustainability assessment of the German energy system and its transition

Sustainability rule Sustainability indicator
Internalization of external social und ecological costs 37. Degree of internalization of energy-related external costs
Promotion of international co-operation 38. Share of development aid expenditure on energy-related projects in relation to total GDP
Society’s ability to respond 39. Share of households producing renewable electricity
40. Share of households buying renewable electricity
Society’s ability of reflexivity 41. Share of installed smart meters mandatory for large electricity consumers
Society’s ability to govern 42. Volume of publicly funded loans for energy-related investments
Society’s ability of self-organization 43. Number of energy cooperatives engaged in renewable energy plants
44. Share of population living in regions with the objective to shift to 100% renewable energy
Balance of power between societal actors 45. Market share of the four biggest electricity companies in total electricity production