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Table 3 Exemplary production costs for annual reference crops and poplar SRC in the 5-year rotation (7000 cuttings). Costs refer to average yield levels of the case study region (see Table 1)

From: A spatial explicit scenario method to support participative regional land-use decisions regarding economic and ecological options of short rotation coppice (SRC) for renewable energy production on arable land: case study application for the Göttingen district, Germany

Item Description Reference costs Sources
Crop production costs (€) Yield-specific (avg. yield level) production costs 1118 (W)
979 (B)
1128 (OR)
1177 (M)
Own calculations based on [26, 59]
SRC production costs (€) Preparation and planting 2107 Own calculations based on [26, 28, 43, 6567, 7299]
Harvesting and chipping 880
Transportation (20 km) 825
Transportation variable distances (here 5 km) 356
Storage and drying with waste energy from biogas plants 385
Re-conversion (incl. fertilizer application) 1900 (1600 + 300)