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Table 4 Technical parameters for the flexible operation from cluster 1 and cluster 2 bioenergy plants

From: Impact of flexible bioenergy provision on residual load fluctuation: a case study for the TransnetBW transmission system in 2022

  Bioenergy technologies
Cluster 1 (solid biomass) Cluster 2 (biogas, liquid biofuel CHP)
Modulation of power output m (t)cluster 1 = 0.5–1.2 in 2-h time steps m (t)cluster 2 = 0–1.0 in 1-h time steps
Operational constraints • Constant daily energy production • Constant daily energy production
• No storage limitations for input materials affecting operation • On-site biogas storage equivalent to 12–24 h in biogas production
• Reduced daily production (−66%) during summer from April to October • Reduced bioenergy production (−38%) on weekends assuming feeding management
Energy production Annual energy production (AEP) remains constant for either non-flexible or flexible operation. AEP from biomass in 2022 taken from [NEP 2022B]