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Table 9 CSP design parameters and annual results

From: A case study of a procedure to optimize the renewable energy coverage in isolated systems: an astronomical center in the North of Chile

N series and N parallel 4 and 33
f cover (Design period) 100%
Maximum storage capacity 100 MWh/312 MWth
Volume of hot/cold tanks 4618/4471 m3
f cover (year) 72.5%
f\(_{loss}^{Eff}\) (year) 2.8%
f\(_{loss}^{Stg}\) (year) <1%
f\(_{loss}^{Transport}\) (year) 1.2%
f\(_{loss}^{Availability}\) (year) 3.6%
Land footprint 432 x 594 m 0.25 km2
Net mirror aperture 72138 m2
Occupancy ratio 30%