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Table 5 Processes chosen from the Ecoinvent database 2.2 for materials and crops for the comparison of impact categories

From: From cumulated energy demand to cumulated raw material demand: the material footprint as a sum parameter in life cycle assessment

 Primary chromium steel Steel, converter, chromium steel 18/8, at plant
 Primary low-alloyed steel Steel, converter, low-alloyed, at plant
 Primary aluminum Aluminum, primary, at plant
 Primary copper Copper, primary, at refinery
 PET Polyethylene terephthalate, granulate, bottle grade, at plant
 High density PE Polyethylene, HDPE, granulate, at plant
Paper and crops
 Paper Paper, woodfree, uncoated, at regional storage
 Wheat Wheat grains IP, at farm
 Corn Grain maize IP, at farm
 Cotton Cotton fibers, at farm
Other materials
 Glass Concrete, normal, at plant
 Concrete Flat glass, uncoated, at plant