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Table 1 Commodity chain integration of palm oil producers involved in biodiesel production in 2010

From: Understanding the expansion of energy crops beyond the global biofuel boom: evidence from oil palm expansion in Colombia

Biodiesel producing companies Percentage of palm oil sales (in terms of volume) absorbed for biodiesel production in 2010 National palm oil producers with participation in biodiesel companies Percentage of palm oil sales (in terms of volume) absorbed by other processing or exports businesses belonging to the same palm oil producers in 2010
Oleoflores s.a. 8.1% Oleoflores group
(Murgas Dávila Family)
Oleoflores s.a
Biocombustibles Sostenibles del Caribe s.a. 5.5% DAABON Group (Dávila Abondano Family) C.I Tequendama (processing)
C.I Tequendama (exports)
Palmeras de la Costa s.a. Palmeras de la Costa s.a.
Aceites Manuelita s.a. 10% Aceites Manuelita s.a.  
Ecodiesel Colombia 5.5% Extractora Central s.a.  
Oleaginosas las Brisas s.a. (Business group CasaLuker) (CasaLucker is part of Alianza Team through the Affiliate Grasas S.A.) Alianza Team absorbed 7.3% of the palm oil sales.
Palmas Oleaginosas Bucarelia s.a. Lloreda s.a
Palmeras de Puerto Wilches S.A.  
Agroince Ltda. Y Cia. S.C.A  
Palmas del Cesar S.A  
Extractora Monterrey s.a. C. I Santandereana de Aceites s.a
BioD s.a. 10.4% 15 palm oil producers/growers Some are vertically integrated with processors.
Odin Energy (established in February 2009. Out of operation since January 2012) 0% (in liquidation) N.A. (Japanese investors non - palm oil producers)  
  Total: 39.5%   Total: 20.5%
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