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Table 3 Meta-categories, categories, and exemplary terms in <2><ENG>

From: A new approach to semantic sustainability assessment: text mining via network analysis revealing transition patterns in German municipal climate action plans

Meta-category Category Exemplary terms
<Resources> <general_reference> Energy resources, energy source, combustible, fuel
<Resources> <fossil> Fossil energy carrier, peat coal, hard coal, crude oil, gas field, shale gas, coal imports
<Resources> <nuclear> Uranium mining, thorium ore, yellow cake, fuel assembly
<Resources> <remains_waste> Bio waste, waste wood, sewer gas, substitute fuel
<Resources> <renewable> Solar cadaster, biomass, ground heat, wind power potential, wood chips
<Conversion> <general_reference> Energy production, energy conversion, energy supply, power plant fleet
<Conversion> <combined_heat_power> Combined heat and power plant, CHP plant, organic rankine cycle
<Conversion> <fossil> Fossil power plant, coal power plant, peak load boiler, gas fired condensing boiler
<Conversion> <nuclear> Nuclear power plant, atomic energy, nuclear waste disposal site
<Conversion> <renewable> Renewable energy, photovoltaics, solar energy plant, biogas power plant, geothermal power plant, wind power plant
<Distribution> <general_reference> Energy distribution, grid operator, grid territory
<Distribution> <electricity> Electricity grid, grid overload, transmission losses
<Distribution> <gas_oil> Gas grid, biogas feed-in, gas expansion facility
<Distribution> <heat> District heating, heating network, local heating
<Sales_Contracts> <general_reference> Energy mix, energy service provider, energy supply contracts, energy customer
<Sales_Contracts> <coal_oil> Crude oil price, oil market, coal market, spot trading of coal for power plants
<Sales_Contracts> <electricity> Electricity mix, electricity supply contract, electricity product, electricity tariff
<Sales_Contracts> <gas> Gas supply contract, gas tariff, gas supplier
<Sales_Contracts> <heat> Heat supply contract, heating costs, heat sales
<Sales_Contracts> <renewable> Green electricity, renewable energy certificate, wood energy center, biogas product
<Technology_Option> <fuel_cell_and_hydrogen> Fuel cell, hydrogen, hydrogen storage, polymer electrolyte membrane
<Technology_Option> <storage> Electricity storage, energy storage, heat storage, storage concept, battery
<Energy_Form> <electricity> Electric, current, electricity, voltage
<Energy_Form> <heat_cold> Heat, warm, cold, heating, cooling
<End_Use> <consumption><general_reference> Energy consumption, gas consumption, energy use, energy management, energy consumer
<End_Use> <mobility><bike_pedestrian> Bike, bicycle lane, city bike, pedestrian, pedestrian zone
<End_Use> <mobility><biofuels> Biofuels, biodiesel, bioethanol, blending
<End_Use> <mobility><car_incl_hybrid> Car, national highway, fuel station, natural gas vehicle, hybrid car
<End_Use> <mobility><car_sharing> Car sharing, city car, car sharing station
<End_Use> <mobility><electric_mobility> Charging station, electric vehicle, e-bike, electric drive
<End_Use> <mobility><hydrogen> Hydrogen car, hydrogen filling station, fuel cell bus, hydrogen bus
<End_Use> <mobility><air_travel> Plane, short distance flight, airport, air traffic
<End_Use> <mobility><public_transport> Train, bus, public transport, bus stop, train station
<End_Use> <mobility><freight_transport> Logistic sector, harbor, truck, distribution of goods
<End_Use> <building><general_reference> Building, house, building stock, facility management, real estate, property rental
<End_Use> <building><heat_pump> Heat pump, air-to-water heat pump, coaxial heat probe, ground heat collector
<End_Use> <building><insulation> Building refurbishment, building insulation, building thermography,
<End_Use> <building><standards> Passive house, plus energy house, building energy certificate, building standards
<End_Use> <building><climatisation_heat_cold> Heating system, air ventilation system, heating circulation pump, condensing boiler
<End_Use> <electric_application><household_office> Illumination, lamps, fridge, dry cleaner, standby, printer, laptop
<End_Use> <electric_application><public_illumination> Street lighting, city lighting, sodium vapor lamp, lighting cadaster
  1. The following (meta-)categories were included in <2><ENG> from <1><SOC> to represent specific aspects or stakeholders of the end-use sector. Please refer to Table 2 for exemplary terms:
  2. <Institution><local_administration_bodies>; <Mobility_Sector><general_reference>; <Infrastructure><construction_craft_sector>, <Infrastructure><waste_sector>, <Infrastructure><wastewater_sector>, <Infrastructure><water_supply_and_consumption>; <Residents><population_in_general>, <Residents><residential_area>; <Food><processing_consumption>; <Economy><general_reference>, <Economy><service><consulting>, <Economy><commerce><com_trade_procurement>, <Economy><industry><heavy_industry>, <Economy><industry><intermediate_products>, <Economy><industry><general_reference>