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Table 1 Two categories of heat infrastructure/infrastructure characteristics

From: Legal governance of smart heat infrastructure development under modes of liberalization; how to analyze and overcome deadlocks in heat projects

Regulatory nature of the infrastructure regime (public/private) Technical complexity of the infrastructure functionality (low/high)
1. Legal form (public/private)
2. Ownership (100% government/100% private)
3. Value orientation (sustainability and or reliability or a business oriented infrastructure)
4. Financing (100% government/100% private)
5. Activities (legal structured/market activities)
6. Market environment (monopoly/competition)
7. Autonomy to government (dependent/independent)
(5–7 here assumed to indicate ‘privateness’)
1. Scale (one spatial regime/several spatial regimes)
2. Production (monopoly/different producers);
3. Distribution (monopoly/different distributors)
4. Transport and delivery (monopoly/several traders)
5. Consumption (one consumer/different consumers)
6. Energy sources (one source/several sources)