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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Modeling, testing, and parametric analysis of a parabolic solar cooking system with heat storage for indoor cooking

Designation Value Unit
Initial temperature 20 °C
Receiver length step 0.07 m
Storage length step 0.22 m
Receiver plate surface area 0.008 m2
Storage cross-section area 0.01 m2
Receiver lateral surface area 0.021 m2
Storage lateral surface area 0.078 m2
Concentrator specific heat 800 J kg−1 °C−1
Glass specific heat 800 J kg−1 °C−1
Heat transfer fluid SAE-40 oil  
Fluid specific heat 1850–2350 J kg−1 °C−1
Receiver plate specific heat 470 J kg−1 °C−1
Fluid thermal conductivity 0.137–0.125 W m−1 °C−1
Insulation thermal conductivity 0.04 W m−1 °C−1
Receiver plate mass 0.09 kg
Mass flow rate 0.005 kg s−1
CHTC concentrator to ambient 9.0 W m−2 °C−1
RHTC concentrator to sky 1.0 W m−2 °C−1
RHTC concentrator to glass 0.1 W m−2 °C−1
CHTC glass to ambient 12.0 W m−2 °C−1
RHTC glass to sky 0.0 W m−2 °C−1
CHTC plate to glass 6.0 W m−2 °C−1
RHTC plate to glass 6.0 W m−2 °C−1
CHTC plate to fluid 87.0 W m−2 °C−1
GHTC receiver to ambient 18.0 W m−2 °C−1
GHTC storage to ambient 0.5 W m−2 °C−1
  1. CHTC Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient, RHTC Radiation Heat Transfer Coefficient, GHTC Global Heat Transfer Coefficient