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Table 1 Summary of ROA in literature

From: A real options approach to renewable electricity generation in the Philippines

Author Year Country RE type Uncertainty Ref.
Detert and Kotani 2013 Mongolia Hybrid Non-RE cost [7]
Lee et al. 2013 Korea Hydro CER price [13]
Abadie and Chamorro 2014 UK Wind FIT, energy production, subsidy [28]
Kim et al. 2014 Korea Wind Non-RE cost [12]
Jeon et al. 2015 Korea Hydro FIT, energy production, interest rate, risk free rate, exchange rate [29]
Weibel and Madlener 2015 Germany Hybrid Energy production, FIT, investment cost [8]
Wesseh and Lin 2015 Liberia Hybrid Non-RE price, R&D funding [9]
Barrera et al. 2016 Europe CSP R&D grant [30]
Eryilmaz and Homans 2016 USA Wind PTC, REC [31]
Ritzenhofen and Spinler 2016 Germany Wind FIT [32]
Zhang et al. 2016 China PV Non-RE cost, FIT, investment cost [10]
Kim et al. 2017 Indonesia Hydro Energy production, FIT, CER, O&M cost [5]
Kitzing et al. 2017 Europe Wind Energy price, wind speed [11]
Tian et al. 2017 China PV Investment cost [14]