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Table 2 Scores for the technical sustainability dimension

From: Sustainability assessment of a micro hydropower plant in Nepal

Themes Dimensional weighting (%) Code Indicators Score Notes on scoring Theme score
Usage 30 T1 Serviceability performance of energy supply 4 Community is informed about the switching pattern; no continuous supply 4.00
T2 Load factor 4 Load factor is high as ballast load is attached
T3 Plant factor (downtime (days/year)) 0 Unable to score
T4 Design of the grid 4 Systematic approach
Reliability 15 T5 Maintenance program quality 2 No clear schedule communicated 3.20
T6 Quality of power 4 Fluctuations are generally not noticeable
Efficiency 30 T7 Capacity factor 2 Around 40% 2.25
T8 Machinery efficiency 0 Unable to score
T9 Grid efficiency and expansion possibility 3 Moderate costs
Technology 25 T10 Program of asset upgrades 1 No plan 2.80
T11 Possibility for upgrading/expansion 3 Turbine with higher efficiency can be installed  
T12 Replication of program in nearby villages 5 Can be built at multiple locations along the same river  
Aggregated score—technical dimension 3.06