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Table 2 Results of batch tests and mass calculations

From: A potential phosphorous fertilizer for organic farming: recovery of phosphorous resources in the course of bioenergy production through anaerobic digestion of aquatic macrophytes

  FM TS% mTS VS% mVS mA mH2O wCH4 q
Unit [g] [%FM] [g] [%TS] [g] [g] [g] [%] [mlN/goDM]
E. nuttallii 1 7.3 0.073 66.62 0.049 0.024 0.927 58.0 257.5
  1. Reference: German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ). Value of fresh matter (FM), percentage of total solid (TS%), mass of the total solid (mTS), percentage of volatile solids (VS%), mass of volatile solids (mVS), mass of ash (mA), mass of water (mH2O), mean mass fraction of methane in biogas (wCH4), corrected (Weißbach) net average of specific gas production (q)