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Table 4 PTE concentrations of the total solid and the total solid digestate compared to legal limits

From: A potential phosphorous fertilizer for organic farming: recovery of phosphorous resources in the course of bioenergy production through anaerobic digestion of aquatic macrophytes

PTE Concentration in TS Concentration in TSDIG Legal limit
Unit [mg/kg TS] [mg/kg TS] [mg/kg TS]
As 10.3 13.2 40.0
Pb 3.9 5.0 150.0
Cd 0.85 1.1 1.5
Ni 68.0 87.0 80.0
Cr 11.9 15.2
Cu 16.1 20.6
Zn 154.5 197.8
TP 2032 2601
  1. Reference: UFZ. Total P (TP), PTE concentrations in the total solid of E. nuttallii (concentration in TS), concentration in total solids of digestate of E. nuttallii (concentration in TSDIG), and the legal limits of heavy metal concentrations in fertilizers were given according to the German fertilizer ordinance (Annex 2, Table 1.4 DüMV)