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Table 2 Overview of technical flexibilisation opportunities for different bioelectricity technologies (based on [11, 19, 36, 37, 49])

From: Contributions of flexible power generation from biomass to a secure and cost-effective electricity supply—a review of potentials, incentives and obstacles in Germany

Bioelectricity technology Power variation range “eOut” (%) Timescale for power variation “ramp up” Timescale for power variation “ramp down” Technical potential for flexible bioelectricity supply1 (TWhel)
Biogas plants 0–100 ≤ 5 min (0% to nominal load) ≤ 5 min (nominal load to 0%) 40
Solid biomass CHP 0–100 0.3% point per min for 30–100% 1% point per min for 30–100% 10
Solid biomass gasification plants 0–100 1% point per min for 50–100% 10% points per min for 50–100% 10
  1. 1For estimating the technical potential for future flexibility provision from solid biomass plants, their current CHP electricity production level of 18 TWhel provides an upper limit [36]; taking flexibility restrictions and a likely future reduction in production into account, the technical potential may amount to ca. 10 TWhel