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Table 2 Energy efficiency retrofit technology clusters for existing office buildings (self-reported)

From: Research on technology clusters and the energy efficiency of energy-saving retrofits of existing office buildings in different climatic regions

Technology type Green energy efficiency technologies for building envelope Energy efficiency technologies for renewable energy sources Energy efficiency technologies for HVAC equipment system Energy efficiency technologies for architectural environment control system
1 Internal respiration-type glass curtain wall (C) Solar wall Municipal central heating (C) Lighting from courtyard and side-opened space
2 External respiration-type glass curtain wall (HC) Natural ventilation system of solar chimney Boiler renovation (C) Enlarging the area of daylight opening
3 External thermal insulation of exterior wall Solar house Radiator renovation (C) Light-guided sun-shading system
4 Internal thermal insulation of exterior wall Solar PV power generation Single-building heat metering (C) Prism glass window
5 Multi-layer hollow glass door and window (C)
Hollow glass door and window (HC)
Heat pump technology for underground water source Combined supply system of cooling, heating, and power Light pipe
6 Low-E hollow glass door and window (high transparency) (C)
Low-E hollow glass door and window (sun-shading type) (HC)
  Independent VAV heat pump-type air conditioning system Reflector
7 Heat-absorbing glass (HC)   Radiant cooling ceiling Ventilation from courtyard and side-opened space
8 Adding anteroom (C)   Cold-storage air conditioning system (HC)  
9 Increasing airtightness of door and window   Water-water heat pump system (HC) Air-guiding wall
10 Glass daylighting roof + sunshade   Air-source heat pump system (HC) Open yard and ventilating tower
11 Planted roof    Night ventilation
12 Impounded roof (HC)    Air conditioner ventilation + natural ventilation
13 Elevated overhead roof (HC)    Air supply from air conditioner + mechanical ventilation + natural ventilation
14 Cold roof system (HC)    Efficient light source
15 Internally/externally insulated roof    Energy efficiency lamp
16 Internal sun shading louver, roller blind, and curtain    Control device
17 Horizontal sunshade + vertical sunshade    Intelligent lighting control system
18 Integrated sunshade    
19 Deciduous tree    
20 Liana    
  1. (C) means the technology is only suitable for cold region; (HC) means the technology is only suitable for hot-summer and cold-winter region; unmarked means both are applicable for the two regions