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Table 1 Climate action program 2020

From: Transformation pathways of phasing out coal-fired power plants in Germany

Key policy measures Contribution to greenhouse gas emission reduction (million t CO2 equivalent)
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NAPE) (without measures in the transport sector) Approx. 25–30 million t
(including energy efficiency in buildings)
Strategy on climate-friendly building and housing (contains NAPE measures specific to buildings) In total approx. 5.7–10 million t
(1.5–4.7 million t of which in addition to NAPE
Measures in the transport sector Approx. 7–10 million t
Reduction in non-energy-related emissions in the sectors:
 Industry, commerce/trade/services, and waste management 3–7.7 million t
 Agriculture 3.6 million t
Emissions trading reform Dependent on decisions at EU level
Further measures, especially in the electricity sector 22 million t
Total 62–78 million t
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