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Table 2 Description of the project-led behavioural engagement mechanisms

From: Towards a smart and sustainable residential energy culture: assessing participant feedback from a long-term smart grid pilot project

Item Description Classification Frequency Timeframe
Goal setting Self-set goal for consumption reduction monitored on a web portal Goal setting Ongoing December 2011–project end
Web portal Web-based portal providing access to whole house and appliance-level consumption feedback. Access to settings for scheduling, goal setting, and control also included Feedback, monitoring, and control Ongoing November 2011–April 2012
Reminder emails Bi-monthly emails sent to remind participants to log in to the web portal Reminder Bi-monthly January 2012–August 2013
Webinar A webinar to introduce the control feature and other elements of the web portal Education Once March 2013
Incentivized control programme Households were invited to use the air conditioner ‘control’ function in return for C$100 for each week’s participation for 2 weeks during the months of July and August 2013 Control Twice July and August 2013
Weekly electricity report A weekly email sent to participants indicating their total, on-peak, and appliance-specific consumption. It compared their consumption to other households in the project as well as to the previous year. Conservation tips were provided Feedback Weekly June–December 2014