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Table 4 Major challenges and future prospects towards the transition of domestic biogas energy

From: Returns, setbacks, and future prospects of bio-energy promotion in northern Ethiopia: the case of family-sized biogas energy

Variables Percent*
Challenges facing installed digesters (n = 200)
 Low energy production 32%
 Damage of installed digesters 31%
 Inadequate institutional support 22%
 Shortage of manure 15%
Reasons for not adopting biogas technology (n = 200)
 Lack of feedstock 13%
 High cost of construction 24%
 No credit access 13.8%
 Spillover effect of failed digesters 52.3%
 No space for digester pit preparation 48.5%
 Water problem 37.6%
 Limited knowhow 14.2%
Favorable conditions for wider promotion of biogas technology (n = 400)
 Availability of cheap feedstocks 39%
 Existence of subsidy for the technology 25.5%
 Multifaceted benefits of the technology 39.9%
 Scarcity of solid fuels 44.5%
 Increase the price of solid and fossil fuels 36.2%
  1. *Multiple responses is possible, n stands for number of respondents