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Table 4 Selected process evaluation questions (n = 30 participants)

From: Collaborative energy visioning under conditions of illiberal democracy: results and recommendations from Ecuador

Question Strongly agree Agree
The knowledge generated is relevant to the current circumstances. 83% 7%
The knowledge generated contains ideas that question the status quo. 47% 33%
The knowledge generated helps to understand the logic between the elements of the system. 37% 57%
The process stimulated self-reflection about my position (orientation of my values, beliefs and interests) regarding the energy system. 30% 40%
The process stimulated the connection of various types of knowledge and integration of different perspectives on the energy sector. 43% 37%
The process encouraged the expansion of my knowledge about the sustainability of the energy sector 43% 27%
The group dynamics generated a common understanding of the key elements of the energy problem. 43% 40%
Group dynamics enriched the understanding of the problem by including new perspectives. 53% 37%
The group dynamics identified elements that can articulate a sustainable vision of the future of the energy sector. 50% 30%
Group dynamics facilitated the process of developing strategy proposals to achieve the vision for the future. 33% 40%