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Table 1 Relevant literature on MES modelling and modelling challenges

From: Grid-based multi-energy systems—modelling, assessment, open source modelling frameworks and challenges

Publication Focus Coverage
Keirstead et al. [31] Urban energy system models: approaches and challenges 279 publications
Mancarella [28] MES concepts and modelling 172 publications
Pfenninger et al. [11] Challenges of energy systems modelling 130 publications
van Beuzekom et al. [32] MES for urban sustainable development 78 publications
Mancarella et al. [19] Integrated MES modelling 132 publications
Hall et al. [33] Categorization of energy system models 163 publications
Syranidis et al. [34] Electric power flow modelling 138 publications
Mohammadi et al. [30] Energy hub modelling approach 153 publications
Wiese et al. [29] Evaluation of energy system modelling frameworks 91 publications