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Table 1 Descriptions of issues, players, and tools for territorial intervention

From: Exploring governance for sustainability in contexts of violence: the case of the hydropower industry in Colombia

Issues Players Tools
Building social capital, trust, relationships, and organizational networks
Climate change, biodiversity, and the condition of natural resources, water, and soil
Power generation, budgeting, and monetary compensation associated with the impact of hydroelectric facilities
Training, consciousness, and environmental culture in the territory
The economy of natural resources (supply and demand), pollution of the environment, and basic sanitation
Activities for subsistence, food security, production organization, and commercialization of farm products
Energy companies:
Generators of hydropower
Local community:
Community action boards, farming, and fishing cooperatives of small landowners
Nongovernmental organizations:
National and local non-profit organizations that exist for the fomentation of the following:
• Science and technology
• Education, environmental protection, and bio-commerce
• Development and peace
The state:
National and local state organizations:
• Environmental, farming, transportation, and property regulation
• Fomentation of technical education and farming development
• Security
Public and private higher education institutions with:
• Scientific research
• Social projection
Organizations for development:
• International organizations for humanitarian aid and cooperation
• Business foundations
• Guild organizations
Public and private plans, programs and projects for socioeconomic development, environmental protection, infrastructure, and the use of the territory
Establishing inter-institutional alliances and social networks, the formation of sectorial committees, and community schools for local development
Verification and adjustment of the intervention using communication channels, questionnaires, indicators, and licenses for the operation of infrastructure projects