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Table 4 Benchmarks for model sustenance measure and its indicators

From: Sustainability of community-owned mini-grids: evidence from India

Indicator Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5
System’s functionality Payment discontinued due to technical issues or internal disputes. Despite ongoing payments, issues are reported by users around timely collections, payment delays, and deposits. Users report sound financial management, timely collection, and limited-to-no payment delays.
Bank reserves Less than 20% of expected reserves is collected or data not available.
Passbook shows no entry in last several months.
Between 20% and 40% of expected reserves are collected. Passbook shows no entry in recent months. No other explanation from qualitative data for missed payments. About half of tariffs collected compared to expected reserves. Passbook shows dispersed payments. Qualitative data from discussion with stakeholders provide an explanation for recent missed payments. About 60–70% of expected tariffs are collected. Passbook shows regular payments over extensive periods of time. About 80% or more of expected tariffs are deposited in the account. Regular entries in bank account.