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Table 1 Opportunities and threats for private sector off-grid electricity distribution

From: Off-grid opportunities and threats in the wake of India’s electrification push

Electrification status Opportunities Threats
Grid connected households and localities • High-reliability solutions embedded within communities • Price competition from very low tariffs for grid electricity, particularly for BPL consumers
• Increased household grid connections and reliability improvements over time
Off-grid remote Census villages • Interim, high-reliability solutions embedded within communities, with ‘first-mover’ advantage
• Supply to Saubhagya off-grid scheme and further integration with government programs
• Lack of transparency on Saubhagya government electrification roll-out
• Price competition from (free) Saubhagya off-grid systems
Non-Census hamlets • Fully community-embedded, high-reliability solutions, with ‘first-mover’ advantage • Low income diversity in BPL hamlets – difficulties in sustaining business models