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Table 1 Inputs and products

From: Maximizing social benefit from finite energy resource allocation

Feedstock energy contentOther energy inputsPrimary productSecondary product 
GJ/MgGJ/Mg!GJ/Mg!FormGJ/Mg!Type1°P/other inputs
Green wood chips/existing 22% CHP20.00.44.4Electricity9.6Plant heat9.9
Maize/existing ethanol plants19.25.910.4ETOH2.5DGS^ for heat1.8
Cellulose#/pelleted/30% CHP19.31.14.8Electricity8.1Plant heat4.6
Cellulose/cellulosic ethanol19.30.27.9ETOH0.6Electricity43.5
Cellulose/ethanol/35% CHP19.30.32.7Electricity4.1Electricity (ETOH) + plant heat (CHP)8.5
  1. #Pelleted cellulose available to generate electricity in a 30% efficient CHP is based on the net 1° product of pellets (16.1 GJ/Mg) to generate 4.8 GJ of electricity as primary product per Mg of feedstock
  2. ^DGS is for distillers grains that when pelleted can be used for heat (or for feed with a higher MC)
  3. *Energy return on energy invested does not include feedstock energy content (ERoEI = 1°P/other energy inputs)
  4. !GJ per Mg of original feedstock