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Table 5 Information categories, variables and their units or the value they can take

From: Implementation of voluntary verification of sustainability for solid biomass—a case study from Denmark

Information category Variable Unit/values
Feedstock amounts Wood chips Mg (adding up to “Total from forests”)
% (adding up to 100%)
Wood pellets
Total from forests Mg
From outside forests Mg
Total from forest and outside forest Mg
IA-SFM compliance for forest biomass SFM certification %, adding up to 100%
Alternative SFM documentation
Verification systems FSC %, not necessarily adding up to 100%
One shipment of biomass can be certified through more than one certification body and thus count towards two or more verification systems
Some energy companies do not report certification body
Alternative documentation
Other information Country of origin List of countries, sometimes with percentage distribution
Species Species names or categories, or “Non-disclosed”, which can both mean that the company does not publish tree species composition or that the company was not informed by their suppliers
EUTR DDS “No non-EU biomass”, “Non-disclosed”, “SFM Compliant biomass: No non-EU biomass”. “insignificant risk of illegality for non-EU biomass”
Auditing and reporting service Company Name of the auditing company and reporting service company (in all cases NepCon)
  1. Mg:  mega gram, 10^6 gram, 1 metric tonne